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Set up your own SMSF

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Set up your own SMSF

Establish your own Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) and gain exposure to crypto and other markets like shares, art, real estate and precious metals with your super.


Run your SMSF

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Set up your own SMSF

New Brighton Capital and our partners can look after the running of your SMSF. We can handle all the compliance, tax returns, audits etc so you can concentrate on managing your investments and building your portfolio.

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Book a FREE consultation

Book a FREE consultation

Book a FREE consultation

You are welcome to book in a time that suits you for a FREE 20 minute phone consultation. One of our qualified team members will explain the ins and outs so you can decide if an SMSF is right for you.


"Fantastic set up procedure. New Brighton Capital made the whole process about as easy as it could ever be. Very impressed."
- Brendan W (NSW)

"New Brighton Capital team have made setting up my SMSF a breeze very happy with their services, highly recommend!!"

- Matthew S (VIC)

"I was completely daunted and had cold feet about enduring this process after friends and family were so concerned. Talking to Mike (whenever I needed) and dealing with the online portal and e-signature setup made it so simple. Anyone thinking of doing this, should! ... New Brighton Capital costs less per year than my fund takes now as well. Happy customer.

- Sean F (NSW)

"I highly recommend New Brighton Capital. There is no way I could have set up my own SMSF by myself. The team helped me through the whole process and I now own crypto in my super."

-  Jake S (VIC)

"New Brighton Capital were great in assisting me to set up my SMSF. All costs got paid back to me from my super and they have always responded to any queries I had the same day. Very happy with the service."

- Dave C (NSW)

"Thanks the process was fantastic, very impressed with it. In particular the clarity of the instructions and lay out of the online portal. Also got prompt response when I had questions. Have recommended New Brighton Capital to a number of friends."

-Dean T (NSW)

"Thank you New Brighton Capital for setting up my SMSF. You guys were under half the cost of other places and your service has been quality every step of the way. 5 Stars"

- Paul W (VIC)

"The whole process was easy to follow and instructions were crystal clear. Very impressed with the service and would highly recommend to anyone who wants to own cryptocurrencies in their super fund."

- Henry W (WA)

"Fantastic service throughout the set up of my SMSF would highly recommend to family and friends that are looking at setting up their own SMSF"

- Chad D (NSW)

Introduction to new brighton capital

Australia's best crypto content provider, Nugget's News, chats with Mike from New Brighton Capital to discuss the ins and outs of a crypto SMSF.

New Brighton Capital CEO, investor and long time crypto fanatic Mike White, explains how crypto enthusiasts can now hold bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in their superannuation.

You should consider the positives and negatives before deciding if an SMSF is right for you. This video highlights 3 pros and cons of having a crypto focused SMSF.

About Us

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Our View

The Big Picture

The Big Picture

"Crypto currencies and blockchain assets represent a quantum leap in political and economic freedom for the world. By extension, this space offers the greatest investment opportunities of our generation."


"Paying thousands of dollars to set up and run a SMSF is completely unnecessary." 

Michael White - Founder/CEO New Brighton Capital

bitcoin superannuation crypto super

The Big Picture

The Big Picture

The Big Picture

We believe that being in control of your own finances should be a goal for all Australians and taking responsibility for your retirement savings is a part of that. 

There are always opportunities and risks in any market. New Brighton Capital believes cryptocurrencies offer a unique addition to portfolios as they are uncorrelated to traditional asset classes and are beginning to become an asset class of their own.

bitcoin superannuation crypto super

Why Us?

The Big Picture

Why Us?

We have been living and breathing crypto since early 2013 and the space is rapidly changing. 

There are new credible competitors entering the market regularly and existing projects update their tech and pivot all the time. 

Our team keeps abreast of this shifting landscape which puts us in a well informed position to execute when opportunities present themselves.

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