The government brought in a new rule late 2021 requiring an identification number for anyone who is a director of a company. They are calling this a Director ID.

If you are establishing a new SMSF with New Brighton Capital or being added as a new member to an existing SMSF, you will be a director of the company that controls your SMSF and you will need to set up a Director ID, if you don’t already have one. Instructions for setting up your Director ID are provided below. Please let every member of your SMSF know that they need to set up their Director ID and provide it to us via the portal.

It only takes a few minutes online or you can do it over the phone which might take a bit longer.

To set up your Director ID online go to the Australia Business Registry Services via this link:

To set up your Director ID over the phone call the Australia Business Registry Services on 13 62 50.

If you are not yet verified through MyGov or the ATO you will need to have the following information with you when applying.

* Your Tax File Number & residential address
And any 2 of the following….
* bank account details
* an ATO notice of assessment
* super account details
* a dividend statement
* a Centrelink payment summary
* a PAYG payment summary

Once you receive your Director ID please either upload the document via the “Upload” button below or simply type it in via the “Type Note” section in the portal.

If multiple members are in the SMSF please make it clear which Director ID belongs to which person.

If you already have a Director ID you can access it via this link: then go to View or Update your Details.

Thank you,

The Team at New Brighton Capital.