Understanding the costs


These are the costs involved with the SMSF

1. Set up fees - $1600 upfront

2. Accounting fees - $140 per month ($1680 per financial year)

3. Additional members - $10 per month per additional member

4. Govt fees - $321 per year

Understanding Set Up Fees


The set up fee of $1600 is eventually paid by the SMSF, but there is a catch. Because the fund does not exist yet, the set up costs need to come from somewhere. This is why you need to pay the establishment fees ($1600) out of your own money when you fill in the application. 

Once the fund is set up and you have received your super into your new SMSF bank account, then you reimburse yourself the $1600. This then becomes a tax deduction for the fund. 

Understanding Accounting Fees


The accounting fees are $1680 per financial year plus $120 per additional member. It is easier to think of the costs per financial year because the running/accounting costs are the same if you are open for 1 month or 12 months. 

Once you have the SMSF bank account set up we set up a direct debit. The first monthly debit brings the fund up to date for the financial year. For example if a single member fund is set up in December the first debit will be $140 x 6 = $840. From then the monthly debit is $140.

NOTE: If no funds are held in the SMSF for the first financial year we can make a "return-not-necessary" lodgement. In this case you still have reporting obligations for the year but you do not need to complete a full tax return. A return-not-necessary lodgement can be submitted for $220 instead of the full year's accounting fees.

Understanding Govt Fees


The government fees include the SMSF Supervisory Levy and the company name renewal fee.  

The SMSF supervisory levy is included in your tax return. You pay it twice in the first year and once for all following years. Current price for the SMSF levy is $267.

The company name renewal fee is currently $54 a year and is sent to you on the annual anniversary of the fund and paid by the SMSF.

Total government fees first year: $588*

Total government fees subsequent years: $321*

*Government fees subject to change

Total costs Example

Pricing example

Here is an example of a typical client with a single member SMSF. The SMSF makes 60 transactions a year with a few shares, crypto and some gold.

Costs for 1st financial year: (regardless of month fund is established)

Set up fees:                $1600

Accounting  fees:     $1680

Govt fees:                      $588

Total:                          $3868

Cost for 2nd financial year (and following years)

Accounting  fees:     $1680

Govt fees:                      $321

Total:                          $2001

See below for a complete price schedule.


Price Schedule

All prices include GST and are Locked in for 2 years once becoming a client